the best folding & cargo eBikes in the galaxy

This is the all new Tern GSD. The well rounded, excellently engineered, family, or cargo bike from tern. featuring Bosch's performance line mid-drive motor it gives you enough power to get up steep hills even while carrying a heavy load. With Quad piston front brakes it ensures you have enough stopping power with a heavy load. With the telescoping seat-post it helps fit everyone in the family, Tall and short! The amount of add-ons and accessories it has helps it be the perfect bike for the camping trip, commute, family cruise, or delivery bike! If you are looking for a versatile, well built bike the Tern GSD is a perfect bike for you!

These are tern's folding line of their bikes. unlike other folding bikes these bikes feel very solid. Excellent frames with well designed folding promises an incredibly solid ride. With the Tern S10, Q9, P9, and D8 we have a folding bike for everyone. With the D8 and the P9 having the Bafang motor, it gives you an incredible bike, for a reasonable price. The D8 having the best bang for your buck, the P9 being a step up in components, the Q9 stepping up to the Bosch active line motor as well as other component upgrades. and finally the tern S10 with the active plus motor and even another step up in components. so whatever your budget and preferences are for folding bikes we have one for you!

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