Raleigh has been in business over 100 years. When it comes to bikes they know what they are doing. Electric bikes are the same. With Raleigh making electric bikes for over 10 years they have experience for what works and what doesn't. because of this their bikes are refined to perfection. An example is the Raleigh Redux. This bike is the ultimate commuter bike. Featuring the Bosch performance line speed motor it makes for a quick, enjoyable commute. Whatever your needs, Raleigh Bikes are an excellent choice.

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Raleigh Redux IE

This is the 2019 Raleigh Redux IE. An absolute win for Raleigh. Featuring the Bosch performance line speed motor it turns your commute in to a quick enjoyable experience. with lights, fenders and rack, this bike comes fully equipped. Schwalbe super Moto X tires you don't have to worry about flats, and it gives you a comfortable, controllable ride. If speed is your thing look no further than the Raleigh Redux IE.