A note from Orbit City Bikes: Gazelle is our favorite brand. Gazelles are well built and practical eBikes at very competitive prices. Compare to other major brands like Trek, Giant, or Specialized and you will find that the Gazelle delivers more value. And you get the most experienced eBike dealer in Ohio at Orbit City Bikes.

Gazelle is a Royal Dutch company that manufactures their bikes in the Netherlands. When superb build quality matched with excellence in engineering meet together it produces Gazelle e-Bikes! Bikes are used in the Netherlands as cars are used in the U.S.A. from getting to place to place on a daily basis. Because of this the bikes are engineered to be comfortable, reliable and very practical. Using a cafe lock (rear wheel lock) so you can lock your bike for quick stops, fenders, and lights so you can ride no matter the road conditions, a rack for carrying things, whether it be to and from work, the grocery or whatever your needs may be. Whether you are looking to commute, ride bike trails, have a weekend cruise, or replace your car, Gazelle is an excellent choice.


This is the Gazelle Medeo (left). Featuring the Bosch active plus line motor it has incredible value for an affordable price. The double tubed frame helps it feel more stable. It has fenders, lights and rack, so it Is perfect for a daily bike, or a weekend cruiser. Front fork suspension for a nice smooth comfortable ride. For a smooth daily ride, or a relaxed weekend ride this bike is an excellent choice.

New bikes are arriving regularly, Check with us about the newest BELT DRIVE models that may not be on the website.