Q: How do electric bikes work?


A: Electric Bicycles use batteries to store power. A quiet motor powers the bike. The e-bike can be ridden just like a normal bike, but power assist is available when you want it and at the level of assist you want.



Q: Pedal assist versus Throttle?


A: Most eBikes have pedal assist (PAS). Some also have a throttle (Power on Demand POD). Most of our eBikes have an advanced pedal assist that senses how hard you are pedaling to determine the amount of pedal assist.


Throttle controls are just a grip that you turn or a lever that you push. The farther you turn the grip or push the lever, the more power is supplied by the electric motor.


Pedal assist is related to the turning of the pedals.  Our e-bikes offer several levels of pedal assist



Q: How fast will my electric bike go?


A: Most of our e-bikes are rated up to 20 mph on electric power alone. Some models go slightly slower. Ohio regulates eBikes that go up to 20mph mostly the same as regular bicycles.


Some of our bikes are considered speed Pedalics. They are rated up to 28mph with pedal assist and are regulated a little different than other electric bicycles.


Q: How far can I go on a charge?


A: Your range will depend on several things. Wind, terrain, your weight, and how much and how hard you pedal all affect how far your e-bike will travel on a single charge. The combination of motor and battery also affect your range.  Check the Specifications for the bike you are interested in to find the approximate range as provided by the manufacturer.


Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?


A:  Our e-bikes can be charged in 2.5 to 8 hours, depending on the battery.  If you don't fully discharge your battery, then it won't take as long to reach full charge. In most cases, the battery can be charged while on the bike or it can be easily removed.



Q:  How much does it cost to charge my battery?


A:   In the Central Ohio area it should cost about $0.08 to charge your battery. That's $0.08 to travel 20 to 75 miles on electric power!



Q:  Can I ride my Electric bicycle in the rain?


A:   Most of the electric bicycles we sell have sealed systems. You should have no problem riding in the rain, but do not immerse you bicycle in water (deep puddles). It is better not to test the limits.


Q:  Do I need license or insurance?


A:  License, Insurance and Registration are not required according Ohio law.  Your community may require bicycle licensing (Columbus does not). Check with your insurance company to see how you are covered on an electric bicycle.

Payment and Shipping


All payments on our website are made through PayPal. All credit cards processed in our store are through Intuit or PayPal merchant services.  You can also use the website for the PayPal Credit option.  This option is also available for in-store purchases. Check with your sales specialist for more information. We also have 6 to 12 months interest free financing available with a credit application.

Lay-away is available in the store.


Most bicycles can must be picked up in our store (or delivered locally for free). Call or stop in to inquire about shipping.

Need your own bike shipped? We can help!

Orbit City Bikes does not ship bikes for free. We are a local store set up to give you the best in-store experience we can.