EG Bikes

EG Bikes are one of the best budget friendly products we have seen. With excellent quality control and build quality at a low price, Orbit City is more than happy to be a dealer for EG Bikes. These bikes are also powerhouses, if you have a challenging hill, or just love the feeling of a powerful electric motor these bikes are for you. With their new line of bikes (Zurich and Geneva) EG is keeping up with the mid-drive craze while keeping their signature powerful motors, reliability, and low cost. These bikes have everything you need, and nothing you don't. Excellent service from the manufacturer and peace of mind with a 1 limited year warranty. Wherever you are riding, EG Bikes are an excellent choice.

Eg Geneva

This is the EG Geneva/Zurich, EG's newest addition to their electric lineup. It features Dapu's mid-drive motor, rated at 500 watts it is one of Orbit City's most powerful bikes. With a large 672 watt hour battery it can support the 500 watt motor, while still giving you up to 50 miles of range. hydraulic disc brakes ensure smooth reliable, and powerful stopping.The Geneva also features brighter headlights and a brake activated tail light (brake light). 

EG Zurich