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We are a dealer for E-Bike Kit Electric Conversion Kits. Free shipping on complete kits. We will advise you and also install the kit if you need the help.

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We don't provide much information here on ebike kits for bicycles because your cost to buy and install a quality kit is similar to some really nice complete electric bicycles that we carry in our store. If you have a favorite bicycle that you would like to convert, we would be glad to help you. If your bike needs other service, then consider a new bike for a similar or lower price that may have better features and longer range. When considering an ebike kit, we do not recommend a lead acid battery. They are heavy, hard to mount, and don't give the same performance over time as a Li-ion battery. If you have a tricycle and want to save money, then SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries may be okay since weight is carried low and is less consequential to balance.

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